Mission to Kenya–Update Pt. 2

Mission to Kenya–Update Pt. 2

From Laura Lanser:

As I am typing this the skies are brooding. We can hear thunder in the distance and see occasional strikes of lightening. Rain has just passed through, brief but vigorous. Our companions were freezing but Nancy and I found the change in temperature most welcome. One day of very heavy rain can fill the wells for many months. They still need more but this afternoon was most encouraging. Thank you for your prayers.

At the nomadic school this morning we listened to the children singing praises, sat under a bush tree to drink chai with the Rendille cooking lunch, and observed the closing of term. The nomadic Rendille tribe of Northern Kenya sustain themselves in this harsh environment through livestock- moving their herds several times a year based on the rains. The nomadic school was strategically placed in the center of their lands so that it is always accessible for the Rendille students. It is part of the Tirrim Schools (five schools here in Korr), the only schools left in Northern Kenya that are still Christian. Let that sink in. The only Christian schools in Northern Kenya.

Unfortunately the schools are struggling. The missionaries who lived here in Korr for more than thirty years have just retired and, as they used a portion of their private funds to support the school, their retirement has had significant financial impact. Several of the nurseries (kindergarten) have closed and they have just made the difficult decision to begin charging fees for the high school which will likely result in it’s closing as well.

Nancy and I spent over four hours this afternoon speaking with Pastor David and the headmaster for the Tirrim Schools, Lawrence, about ways to make the school self-sustaining. The Lord gave us a few ideas which we will flesh out and bring back to you. Think camels!

That is all for now,

Laura Lanser