Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Kids’ Choir

The Kids’ Choir is a wonderful opportunity for our covenant children to participate in worship of God through song. In rehearsals throughout the school year, they learn music and prepare for singing during worship, as well as special holiday programs. The children learn music reading skills through the study of solfedge and rhythm, and explore music through the addition of hand chimes to many of the songs. Through all of this, they learn the value of working hard as a team toward a common set of goals, and have a lot of fun along the way. The rehearsals are also followed by a potluck dinner. If you have questions or would like to participate (all children in K-6 are welcome!), contact Sarah Perkins at

Sunday School

Sunday School runs September 16, 2018-June 9, 2019, from 9-10AM

We think it is important to cultivate and nurture a love for God in the hearts and minds of our children. Using curricula from the Great Commission Publications, our teachers guide our children through understanding who God is, who we are, and what He has done for us, as seen most fully in the Gospel.

2 1/2- 4 year olds | Mrs. Salverson, Mrs. Simonson, Mrs. Holman

These little ones will begin in the Old Testament and move on to the Gospels. They will learn that all the stories are all part of one very important book, the Holy Bible, and that this is God’s word, and all interconnected.

Kindergarten | Mr. and Mrs. Friend

This fall, the children will learn how God leads His people (God’s thrilling rescue of Israel from Egypt and how the Old Testament points to the Savior). In January and February, we will hold a 5-week Communion class with the Elders of our church. Spring will explain that Jesus is God (encountering Jesus through his powerful signs and wonders).

1st & 2nd grade | Mr. and Mrs. Garrison

This fall, the 1st and 2nd Grade class will be learning about obeying and trusting God by hearing about people in the Old Testament, like Saul, David, Solomon, Joash, Elijah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Daniel and his friends, and King Belshazzar. We will learn that God protects and forgives, and that He is trustworthy, merciful, and sovereign. In January and February, we will hold a 5-week Communion class with the Elders of our church. We will finish up the school year with a study on the Ten Commandments. Come join us as we learn from the Bible, sing songs together, and work on memorizing verses!

3rd-5th grade | Mr. and Mrs. Perkins

This year, the 3rd-5th grade Sunday School class will explore what it means to live fully for God—in our daily lives as well as through our corporate worship.

We will begin the year by studying the Ten Commandments, looking closely at what God asks of His covenant children in the scriptures, along with practical applications found in the New City Catechism.

The second half of the year our study will focus on worshiping God. We will look at the five “W’s + 1” of worship by answering the following questions:
• What is true worship?
• Who do we worship and why?
• When, where, and how do we worship?

Through our study of God’s grace in the law and our response of gratitude through true worship we will come to know that each one of us is called to live fully for Christ and that God, through His Holy Spirit, enables us to do just that.

“Let your heart therefore be wholly true to the Lord our God, walking in His statutes and keeping His commandments.”
– I Kings 8: 61