Covenant Christian Schools

Covenant Christian Schools

CPC Education Ministry Mission

Through the ages, the church has been a central instrument in education. As believers in Jesus Christ, we hold that being able to learn is part of what it means to be made in God’s image. Learning is meant to lead us toward a better understanding and ability to express the truth of Christ in beautiful and winsome ways. Therefore, it is only fitting that this pursuit of learning and truth would happen in the community of the classroom.

However, we live in a world that is broken by sin, and humanity’s search for meaning becomes futile when it is severed from God’s revelation in Scripture. The classroom is becoming an increasingly polarized place where meaning and truth reside in each individual and his or her truth claims. The school system today tends to be a manifestation of the mainstream culture instead of an environment that can help students and teachers to love God’s truth with mind and heart.

We know the task at hand is large and requires constant prayer, thoughtfulness, preparation, and sacrifice, but we set out with certainty that the goal is worth the effort as we seek to honor and glorify God in the education of covenant children by cultivating a love for Christ through the truth of scripture and beauty of creation.

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