Thank you for your intent to give to CPC. Know that your gift will be used by the Lord to keep our ministry going, as well as aiding the ministries that CPC supports. Below the giving buttons, you will find an explanation on the theology behind giving and how our offerings themselves are an act of worship.

How to Give

When you click the links below, if you choose to pay using credit card there will be a 2.3% processing fee. You may choose to increase your donation by that amount so that CPC receives the full amount you intend (aka “Complete Cover”), otherwise the gift to CPC will be reduced by the processing fee. The amount received by CPC (less the processing fee) will be considered a tax-deductible gift.

If you wish to designate the gift as benevolence to aid those in financial need within our body or in our community, please include “Deacon’s Fund” in your memo line, otherwise the gift will go to CPC’s operating fund. If you designate your gift with “Where needed most”, the CPC deacons can decide how to direct those funds.

Note: If you are giving through a login, to expedite your experience, you can find our church in the drop-down list with the number 10127.

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A Note About Giving from Our Pastors

We live before the Lord of heaven and earth. The whole universe, world, all peoples and creatures have been created by Him and exist for him (Gen. 14:19; Col. 1:16-15). Even though God is self-existent and technically needs nothing from us to exist, “he himself gives to all mankind and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25). Everything we have is a gift from Him, and in this way, we are stewards of every material gift that He has entrusted to us. Ultimately, our aim is to please God with how we steward all the time, money, and gifts that He has entrusted to us. Proverbs 3:9 says, “Honor the LORD with your wealth, and with the firstfruits of your produce.” With material resources, this stewardship begins by us offering our firstfruits to the LORD in an act of worship (Ex. 23:19; Deut. 26:1-11; Neh. 10:35-39) that also supports and furthers this worship (Num. 18:21-31). This is why we receive tithes and offerings during our Lord’s Day worship service. Historically, God’s people have given a tenth of what they receive to Him (Gen. 14:18-20, 28:22; Lev. 27:30), but the New Testament goes beyond this in saying that we are to give “bountifully” and “cheerfully” (2 Cor. 9:6-7). So, in giving our tithes and offerings during Lord’s Day Worship on a weekly basis, we are worshipping God for who He is, thanking Him for his gracious and faithful provision to us, and embodying trust in Him to continue to bless us and give us our daily bread as we seek His Kingdom and righteousness. Our Lord Jesus Christ came and became poor so that we might become rich through His poverty (2 Cor. 8:9), and as Christians, we are called to a similar giving, not just of our material resources, but of our whole selves, as this is our spiritual worship (Rom. 12:1). We hope you find joy and gladness in this important aspect of worshipping and serving our living Lord and Savior!