Community Groups

The seasons are beginning to make their transition from our unusually hot summer to the cooler and more mild temperatures of autumn. With that change comes a change, rather an expansion, to our community groups. We have added to our available groups and now have new ones which plan to begin in mid September. Most of these groups will work through John Bunyan’s…

Fighting the Noonday Devil – R.R. Reno

In last week’s sermon pastor Eric referenced a quotation from R.R. Reno’s article Fighting the Noonday Devil. Here is the excerpt used in the sermon. If you’d like to read the full article you can find it here on First Things website.  Our misanthropy is swaddled in kindness, but it manifests the symptoms of acedia nonetheless. How many parents cannot…

Journey of the Magi – T.S. Eliot

As the season of Advent has concluded and we prepare to leave behind Christmas time for another year, consider reading T.S. Eliot’s brief poem, The Journey of the Magi (here). In this piece, Eliot depicts the journey and troubled state of the magi who, on encountering Life itself, returned to their native land. Or, if you prefer, you may also hear a recording of…
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