Supper Groups

Supper Groups

You are invited to supper!

CPC would like to invite you to a potluck supper at someone’s home the evening of Saturday, November 9th.

This will be an adults-only evening of fellowship with six to eight adults gathering around a church member’s dining room table for a delicious dinner and an all-around memorable meal!

Supper groups have been a Covenant Presbyterian Church tradition for many years, and it is always the highlight of the year for many churchgoers- members and nonmembers alike! ALL adults are invited and encouraged to participate! The goal is to knit us together through our bond in Christ! What better way of doing that than gathering in someone’s home over a meal!

The details:

Saturday, November 9, supper time is determined by the host who will contact you.

RSVP by OCTOBER 30 to Rhonda Langdon at:

Include your name, email address and phone.
Or, you may RSVP Sunday at church, there will be a sign up sheet on the table near the nursery.

THE DEADLINE for RSVPs is October 30th!

The host will provide the main dish, guests will provide sides, salad, bread, etc.

A special note to families with children: we encourage you to participate and find a babysitter for your children! If you need help finding a babysitter please contact Rhonda Langdon or Laura Hauck.