Good Friday Service | Tenebrae

Good Friday Service | Tenebrae

We will hold a Good Friday Tenebrae service at 7p (will also be livestreamed) on Friday, March 29th.

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Here are a few logistical notes that may be helpful as you prepare yourself and your children for this solemn service.

In terms of the the liturgical church year, Good Friday is one of the most significant days of the year. We encourage you to change your schedule (including your kids’ schedule) in order to attend this worship service. There would be no Easter—no Christmas even—without Good Friday. We give honor to our Redeemer and King by investing an evening of our time to reflect on His Passion story.

The Good Friday service is also called the Tenebrae service. The word Tenebrae is Latin in origin and literally means darkness. The Tenebrae service on Friday is quite dramatic in nature, and its use of symbolism is rich, which can be very powerful (and sometimes intimidating) for the little ones. Please take time to explain to your children the meaning of the symbols used in the Tenebrae service.

The symbols:
Loud drums symbolize the earthquake at the moment Christ gave up His spirit. The gradual extinguishing of candles symbolize the death of Christ as He is mocked, beaten, and spit upon. They also symbolize the darkness of sin, as even His own disciples desert Him. The dark sanctuary — when all lights are off — symbolizes the end of the Light of the World (Jesus). This is the disciples’ perception of what has happened, but notice that the Christ Candle NEVER is extinguished! It is removed from the sanctuary until our Light rises again on Easter Sunday! Also, as the congregation sings the hymn, “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross,” you will hear a “heartbeat” on the drum. This represents Christ’s heartbeat. Encourage your children to listen to what happens to the heartbeat at the conclusion of that hymn: the heartbeat slowly stops, symbolizing when Jesus’ heart stopped beating, as he gave up his life—for ours. And, of course the most powerful symbol of all, the cross, which will be visible and illuminated the entire service. Share with your children that this is the reason we are using a screen off to the side for all our song lyrics.

Because children are such hands-on, kinesthetic learners, the dramatic sensory-driven aspects of the Tenebrae service have the potential to shape your child’s heart for the Kingdom eternally.

As parents, you know your children best. If your child is sensitive to loud drums, and dark spaces, perhaps take him or her into the cry room in the back corner of the sanctuary toward the end of the service. It is our hope that with your explanation of the symbols, your child will be prepared for the dramatic aspects of the service and will gain a deeper understanding of sin, redemption, and the great sacrifice of love that the cross represents.”