Bridal Shower for Julie Bilbro
  • 22116 SE 51ST Pl.
    Issaquah, WA 98029

  • Covenant Presbyterian Church

Bridal Shower for Julie Bilbro

Theme: Beauty
Who: Women and young women ~age 10 and up
Food: A lovely brunch – please indicate in RSVP if you are able to bring food
RSVP: or

Gift: A fund to go toward Beautifying Julie and Dave’s first home, which they will be renting for one year. From candles to couches to cushions to clocks we want to help make their home reflect the love they have for each other and for the Lord. Bring cash or a check to the shower (but not in your card), made out to “Shar Larson.”

Personal touch: Please come with a card for Julie that depicts beauty in art, poetry, or the writing on the card: this may be a pre-made card or a homemade one. Additionally, it would be ideal if each person took the time to write a sentence or two of encouragement, appreciation, thanks, or blessing.

Looking forward to showering Julie with the beauty she has lavished on us.