Paul Shackelford

Paul Shackelford

My faith in Christ was nurtured in a faithful Presbyterian home but it was through the mentoring of a youth leader that God kindled a conviction of sin and need for a savior. My wife and I knew early in our marriage that faith in Christ was the critical ground on which to build our family. As my work moved us to various cities in the Midwest and South we have been drawn to churches with deep concern for faithfulness to God’s Word. Before moving to the PNW in 2021 we had been members of Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in Florida for 10 years.

Service to our children brought us to Seattle (7 of our 9 grandchildren live in the area) and service to the children of CPC has been a natural calling as we serve in Sunday School and VBS.

James 4:10 reminds me how to live my life.

Paul and Barb

Missionary with Reformed University Fellowship at Western Carolina University
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