Property Purchase & Thanks

Property Purchase & Thanks

Thanks for the great turnout to pray for the Maxfields and Sacred Road Ministries. Lisa and I were able to spend time with them afterwards and they were very encouraged. Special thanks to Jonathan Ross for leading.

Your giving and pledges toward purchase of the Hanon property, as recently announced, came to about $360,000, a remarkable amount in a short time. I’ll let the other officers speak for themselves, but so much money in such a short amount of time humbles and sobers me as a leader, and increases my resolve and prayers to lead wisely and well. I think all the officers would appreciate your prayers for the same.

As it stands, we have fulfilled our responsibilities to the owners and to the lender. (If you have a moment, please thank Greg and Ann Fullington for all their diligence on both fronts.) At this point we’re waiting to hear back from the bank. We’ll keep you posted. Assuming all goes well (and we recognize this is in God’s hands), we will be communicating more after Advent about plans going forward.

Finally (this may sound odd), pastors know the churches they serve are not necessarily the churches they would take their families to if they had a choice. That was once true for me. For a long time now, though, it hasn’t been true, and a main reason is you. I get to worship with wonderful people who know and love God. Thank you for being the people you are, and for creating a place where my family can worship.