Mission to Kenya – Update

Mission to Kenya – Update


From Laura Lanser:

Greetings from Korr!

 Nancy and I spent the better part of yesterday in a small plane over northern Kenya and have just woken, after a much needed night of rest, to our first full day in Korr. Here’s a quick update:

 The Lord has given us many traveling mercies. Praise Him with us!

  • Nine hour flights are much more comfortable when the seats next to you are empty. (We had 2 of them.)
  • A large (9 seater) airplane for the trip up to Korr meant Nancy didn’t get air-sick.
  • Our house in Korr has tall ceilings, is made from cement, and has good cross-ventilation; it is much MUCH cooler than the other house we had been told we’d stay in.  We feel incredibly blessed with these accommodations.

 And praise Him for rain! Korr has been in a severe drought, the worst in 30 years. I suppose our Seattle presence had some influence because there were rains last night, the first in since last April. They seem to be skirting Korr, however, so please pray with us that the Lord would bring rain directly here and that the wells would fill up. Most of the wells are dry, which means that animals and people are suffering.

 We are heading out to see the nomadic school today. They are finishing their term early due to lack of food and we are very grateful to see them on their last day before school lets out for break.

 – Laura Lanser, for both of us.