Daniel & Bethany Robbins

Daniel & Bethany Robbins

In 2005, on a short-term mission trip, Daniel & Bethany visited Malawi to learn about theological education in Malawi. That trip planted the seed that took root and is now a full-grown longing for and commitment to the African Church. Ever since that first trip, they have felt called to invest in the African Church through theological education and training leaders to embrace ministry to the fatherless, sojourner, and widow.

Daniel and Bethany lived in Malawi from 2007-2009, teaching at a secondary school. Halfway through a seminary degree, their growing family served in a summer long internship at the Theological College of Zimbabwe in 2011. Since then, Bethany became a certified Doula and received advanced training under Dan Allender as a lay counselor. Daniel graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary (M.Div) in 2013, and then served as Associate Pastor with the wonderful people of Christ Church Bellingham.

As of 2022, they have begun their work in Malawi.


Elder (2015)
Austin Samuel
Deacon (2011)
Randy Richmond