COVID-19 Outreach

COVID-19 Outreach

Brothers and sisters, see below for the latest opportunities to bless those in our community who are in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPC Deacons

The current pandemic that is making its way through our community and the rest of the world has left turmoil in its wake. With economies closing down, unemployment has risen, leaving people without work, struggling to make mortgage or rent payments, concerned about paying for food, amongst an assortment of other fears and concerns. These types of situations are exactly why CPC has the Deacon’s Fund – to address needs such as these. To give to the Deacons’ Fund, click here and type “Deacons’ fund” in the “Note” section.

Contact: or 425-392-5532 ext #3

Jubilee Reach: Fill-the-Shelves Program

The Jubilee Reach Fill-the-Shelves program can always use more help and more donations. If you would like to start donating to Jubilee Reach, the information below will update you on the needs and the procedure.

In order to make the process simple, we are using both the Perfect Potluck website and weekly CPC emails to update the “most wanted” lists for personal hygiene items and bulk food items. Either way you wish to give works: either buy needed items from the list and drop them off or sign up on Perfect Potluck and drop them off. Whatever is donated gets distributed quickly. Thank you all so much for jumping on this opportunity to serve those who are struggling.

As you will read in the instructions listed on the Perfect Potluck sign-up page, we deliver all donated items to Jubilee Reach on Friday mornings. You may drop the personal hygiene items and bulk food items off at the main door of the church (next to office) any day. They will be brought inside by 5:00 each afternoon.

Contact: Sara Loudon |


Do you need a mask? Many women in our congregation have been sewing away. Let us know if you need one, or a few, and we’ll put you in touch with someone.

Contact: Rebecca Steelman, Women’s Ministry |